Tweed Music

“An accomplished state-of-the-nation examination located somewhere between Chris Wood and The Levellers”

“Reminiscent of Richard Thompson, great melodic guitar work and distinctive voice”

“A satisfying purity and authenticity”
Unicorn Magazine

“Like all great folk writers or interpreters Gregg has a way of making what sounds on first hearing ‘traditional’, relevant to now/today.”
Mystery Train Radio Show

“sure to become a classic English folk album”
Aldora Britain

“Listening to Gregg now – it’s wonderful!’
Emily Barker

Gregg is an independent artist and has set up ‘TWEED MUSIC’  for the release of his own work and with the option of using the label to help represent and release work by fellow artists that share Gregg’s passion for the ‘Living contemporary folk world’.

Gregg’s new album ‘Old England Grown New’ has now been released. In addition to the fine collection of Northamptonshire musicians joining Gregg on this album, Dave Swarbrick (ex-Fairport Convention) plays fiddle on the opening track ‘The Bonny Lass of Anglesey’.

oegncoverThe album can be purchased directly from Gregg – use the ‘Contact Gregg’ button on the right-hand side of this page. Alternatively, the album can be previewed and purchased on Bandcamp or purchased through Amazon.

Reviews of ‘Old England Grown New’

“One of my favorite albums of 2014 comes from Gregg Cave who’s just released a long-player called ‘Old England Grown New’. This debut offering is a fantastic mix of folk music and rich, gritty story-telling! Stand out songs on the CD include the title track, a cut called ‘William Morris-Wat Tyler’, ‘Ancient Hymn’ – which sounds like some lost outtake from The Waterboys ‘Fisherman’s Blues’ album and the upbeat yet dark ‘Down By The Lake’. Fairport Convention’s Dave Swarbrick plays fiddle on a stunning track called ‘Bonny Lass Of Anglesey’. Gregg’s vocals and lyrics (be the words borrowed or self penned) showcase an album full of vivid imagery and imagination! The past is called upon, but like all great folk writers or interpreters Gregg has a way of making what sounds on first hearing ‘traditional’, relevant to now/today. ‘Old England Grown New’ is a wonderful listen. Gregg’s music comes highly recommended! ”

Alex Huskisson – host of ‘The Mystery Train Radio Show’ on Severn FM.

This next review appears as part of an article on the Aldo Britain Records blog site which includes an interview with Gregg:

“Gregg Cave’s brand new studio album is sure to become a classic English folk album. Entitled “Old England Grown New” it blends contemporary folk sounds with the more traditional approach as well. There is an array of different approaches to the tracks; “Aida’s Lullaby” is a solo instrumental, “Last Day” (featuring words taken from a John Clare poem) is just a duet with fiddle and melodeon and tracks such as “The Bunny Run” are brilliant folk rock songs with a full electric band.

It certainly starts with a bang with a fine rendition of the traditional ballad “The Bonny Lass Of Anglesey”. This track also features some fine fiddle work from none other than Mr Dave Swarbrick who gives the track a very traditional feel. The percussion and thumping bass also adds to this and bring the recording to life, giving it a very live feel.

There are a further two traditional tracks featured on the album; the title track and “An Atheist’s Grave”. Both of which are pure and brilliant, however Gregg Cave also has the talent of being able to write great folk songs in his own right. “Born Of This Land” perhaps demonstrates this best and is a song that Richard Thompson would’ve been proud of writing. Again, this track features a great fiddle part. “The Bunny Run” and “Ancient Hymn” also provide highlights amongst the original compositions, as does album closer “William Morris-Wat Tyler”; a beautiful ballad.

Cave is not however purely limiting himself to the folk genre and the Americana / country and western influence is evident on “Down By The Lake” and “Ancient Hymn”, both original compositions from the Northamptonshire singer-songwriter. These tracks are comparable to modern alternative country artists such as Ryan Adams and Eric Church, so there’s definitely variety in this album.

The lead vocal throughout is also exceptional and deserves a mention. It sounds as if it has been lifted from an early Fairport Convention album, which is no bad thing!

Overall, this album is as good as it gets in modern folk rock. It has a solid footing in old, traditional approaches but Cave brings a very nice and fresh original take on the folk music genre.”

Aldora Britain Records blog

“An accomplished state-of-the-nation examination in an acoustic folk-rock style, located somewhere between Chris Wood and The Levellers. Dave Swarbrick guests on traditional opener Bonny Lass Of Anglesey (to a different tune from the Martin Carthy version.”


From Songlines:

songlines review Unicorn review

…and from Unicorn

Unicorn reviewUnicorn reviewUnicorn review-1

The first release on Tweed Music was ‘Keep the Beggars Warm’  This album was a limited edition press made for the Autumn/Winter Tour.

There are a few copies left so please SOLD OUT use the ‘Contact Gregg’ option to get your own copy.

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