Gregg’s Gigs

Details of Gregg’s appearances will appear on this page and an archive of past gigs can be found here

Upcoming gigs:


  • 19th February – Kenilworth Treetop Bookshop (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  21st February – Oundle Tap and Kitchen (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  26th  February – MK11 supporting Forest of Fools (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  28th Feb – Abthorpe, New Inn (Fleetwood Cave)
  • 1st March – The Musician, Leicester (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  2nd March – Banbury Folk Club (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  7th March – Warwick Folk Club (with Nick Ellison)
  •  12th March – Lichfield Arts (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  19th March – Ebbesbourne Wake (TRADarrr)
  •  25th March – Phipps Brewery, Northampton (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  26th March – Square Tower, Portsmouth (TRADarrr)
  •  9th April – Priors Marston Village Hall (TRADarrr)
  •  1st May – Bristol Folk Festival (TRADarrr)
  •  11th May – Baldock and Letchworth Folk Club (with Nick Ellison)
  •  4th June – Gerry Colvin Knitted Character Festival, Temple Grafton (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  5th June – Square Tower, Portsmouth (Fleetwood Cave)
  •  2nd July – Merry Tom Folk Festival (TRADarrr)
  •  7-9th July – New Forest Folk Festival (TRADarrr)
  •  5th August – Wickham Festival (TRADarrr)
  •  29th August – Towersey Festival (TRADarrr)


  • Sunday June 14th – Folk on the Green, Stony Stratford
  • Saturday June 20th – Berlin, Germany (Aspettando Fillipo)
  • Sunday June 21st – Potsdam, Germany (fete de la musique)
  • Saturday June 27th – Supporting Rod Clements of Lindisfarne, Phipps Brewery Northampton
  • Sunday June 28th – Crawley Folk Festival (with TRADarrr)
  • Sunday July 12th – Oundle Festival
  • Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th August – Cropredy Festival with TRADarrr
  • Tuesday October 6th – Great Knight Folk club, Northampton
  • Sunday October 11th – Banbury Folk Festival
  • Saturday October 17th – Lichfield Festival of Folk (with TRADarrr)
  • Wednesday November 18th – Banbury Folk Club

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